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If you choose to purchase a passenger car or delivery van by means of financial lease, you are responsible for arranging your own car and delivery van insurance. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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Welcome to Financialleasepolis from Thrust Insurance Services BV. We stand for clear insurance advice. We do nothing more than offer clarity in the matter in which we have over 30 years of experience. Where you (perhaps) lack knowledge, time or sense, we are ready to examine the possibilities in detail. To provide you with practical, tailor-made advice in clear terms and on an independent basis. Exactly, as we have been doing for years for all our private and business clients. Also curious about customized advice? We will gladly get to work for you.

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What car insurance do I need?

If you choose to purchase a passenger car or delivery van by means of financial lease, you will be responsible for arranging your own (delivery) car insurance. After all, with financial lease the car becomes your (economic) property and you are obliged in the Netherlands to be insured on the road. Because you have the freedom to choose your own insurer, you have the opportunity to compare different car insurances and choose the offer that suits you best. Because it is not every day that you take out car insurance for your lease car, we understand that you may not know exactly which car insurance is best suited for your financial lease contract. On this website we tell you everything you need to know about insuring your lease car.

What car insurance do you choose with a financial lease?

Most banks require you to choose all-risk insurance when you finance your car through them with a financial lease. Some banks give you the choice, but still strongly advise you to take out all-risk insurance.
From our experience we share this advice and recommend an all-risk insurance to be well protected against major financial setbacks. It could unexpectedly happen that your lease car is stolen or that you total the car yourself. Without all-risk insurance, you will not be reimbursed for anything. Because the car can no longer be used in case of theft or total loss, the bank will terminate the lease agreement and you will be required to repay the outstanding loan amount in full immediately.

If the car is properly insured, the insurer will transfer this amount to you and you can then buy a new car. If you are insufficiently insured, you can lose your car in a short period of time and have to pay off a large sum of money. For this reason, we recommend that you take out all-risk insurance. If you prefer to take out third-party or limited liability insurance on your lease car, then take out traffic legal expenses insurance with it (if you do not already have it). With this you can count on legal assistance in case you suffer damage in traffic due to the fault of another party.

Hidden financial risk

If there is a total loss due to a collision, fire, storm or if your car is stolen, the bank will immediately claim the outstanding balance because the collateral of your financial lease is no longer present. Most banks will then charge you the net redemption balance (the remaining credit fee will be forfeited; ask about those terms). This net redemption balance can be different from the current value (determined by an independent expert) that the insurance company will reimburse. So you run the financial risk of being left with a residual debt when the current value is lower than the redemption balance. Very annoying, because then you still have to pay the difference to the bank. If you fail to do so, it can get in the way of buying a new car or van. With all its consequences for the continuity of your business.

Financialleasepolis offers the solution for this

First of all, our policy will state that the vehicle was purchased under a financial lease. This offers the bank additional security in the event of a total loss. After all, it will receive compensation directly from the insurance company. Most important for you is the guarantee that you will not be stuck with a residual debt. If the established current value is lower than your net repayment balance of the financial lease, the insurance company will also compensate the difference, so that eventually your financial lease contract will be settled. Well soothing, no financial risk and carefree choosing a new (van) car.

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I want a no-obligation insurance proposal

Insuring the lease car is something you would like to have arranged as simply as possible and for the most competitive premium. At Thrust Insurance Services bv it is our mission to unburden entrepreneurs in the field of mobility. This means that we would like to help you calculate the insurance premiums for your (van) car. We compare the premium for your financial lease policy, in terms of price and conditions, with the offers of other insurers in the Netherlands. Have you already received a car insurance quote elsewhere or already insured the car through an existing insurance, even then it may be useful to use our expertise. For example, requesting a quote is completely non-binding and it is of course nice that the most suitable insurance turns out to be affordable.