Financialleasepolis; the solution to hidden costs!

If you opt for the business purchase of a car or van using financial lease, then you are responsible for taking out your own (van) car insurance.

If you buy a ‘new’ (delivery) car using a financial lease contract, you are entering into a financial obligation for a longer period of time.
In many cases this financial obligation is not synchronized with the decrease in value of the collateral. This means that not all (financial) risks are covered by default. After a major disaster (total loss) a residual debt often remains because the compensation from the insurer is lower (current value) than the net outstanding balance of your financial lease.

Our years of experience are familiar with these distressing cases. This has led us to develop our own financing clause in cooperation with the insurer. We are proud to be able to offer you that (unique) extra protection; you will not be left with any residual debt in case of total loss (collision, fire, storm, theft) of your (van) car. Nothing will stand in the way of purchasing another vehicle. That’s what we call Competent, Responsible, Insurance.

Surely expensive, such insurance? Take the test today and request an insurance quote with no obligation. For the same money, it’s not that expensive.

Multiple years of experience

Additional protection

Expertly insured on the road

Restrained remuneration policy

Thrust Insurance Services BV does not use variable remuneration for its employees. This way there is no financial incentive for any employee that could encourage irresponsible behavior, giving inappropriate advice or selling products that are not in your interest. By the complete absence of variable remuneration, we act purely in your interests.