Securing your vehicle.

On this page you will find more information regarding securing your (company) car.

Securing your car

An alarm system in the car reduces the chances of burglary and theft. Security systems are divided into different classes: from simple (alarm class 1) to very extensive (alarm class 5). Since 1998, all cars produced in Europe have been fitted with the simplest security system as standard. For theft-prone cars such as convertibles and more expensive cars, car insurers set more extensive security requirements. The quote for your car insurance policy will state which alarm system is required by the insurer. On the policy sheet, this is reaffirmed and explained in detail in a clause. Theft and burglary is excluded from coverage if you cannot prove that you meet the security requirements set by the insurer.

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What alarm classes are there actually?

Immobilizer (SCM class 1):

  • If the DriverCard is not near the car, starting is impossible. Second authorization, we call it.
  • It is an effective tool against relay attack, where thieves remotely open the car.
  • The system can be supplied with a handheld transmitter upon request.

Alarm system (SCM class 2):

  • Immobilizer supplemented by an alarm system with perimeter and interior detection.
  • Acoustic signaling via the smallest coded emergency siren in the world.
  • This product can be supplied with the DriverCard and handheld transmitter.

Alarm system with inclination angle detection (SCM class 3):

  • Alarm system (SCM Class 2) supplemented by slope angle detection.
  • Acoustic signaling via the world’s smallest coded emergency siren and optical signaling.
  • This product can be supplied with the DriverCard and handheld transmitter.

Vehicle tracking system (SCM class 4/5):

  • Protect & Connect is a security system that allows a car to be tracked, traced and remotely locked after theft.
  • Protect & Connect’s app (“My Connected Car”) provides insight into trip information and is a convenient means of remotely tracking the car.
  • Protect & Connect is linked to a Private Alarm Center (PAC Alarm Center) that is in direct contact with the national police and is connected to a covering network of alarm centers throughout Europe.
  • Its own immobilizer ensures that the vehicle can also be blocked.

Recovery system (SCM class TV01):

  • Secret Service Europe is an additional means of recovering stolen objects. This retrieval system is small and can be hidden anywhere in vehicles, boats and otherwise.
  • A unique system with four detection technologies. Works on GPS, GPRS, RF (radio frequency) and LoRa.
  • Works on a battery and therefore not on the car battery.
  • Gives one signal per day and is therefore difficult to detect and sabotage by thieves.
  • Battery life is at least three years.

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