Submit complaint.

Not satisfied with a service or product we provided? It can happen! We are open to your complaint or feedback.

Do you have a complaint or feedback about a service or product provided by us? If so, please let us know. We are open to improvement! You can send your complaint or feedback to to the management of Thrust Insurance Services B.V.

If you are not satisfied with the solution offered by Thrust Insurance Services B.V., you have the option to submit your complaint to the Kifid. Our membership number is: 300.017570. The Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid) is intended to offer you, as a consumer, a point of contact for the settlement of (threatening) conflicts with financial service providers and for information about financial matters.

Naturally, you can always go to court in the event of a conflict, but the Ombudsman and Disputes Committee working within Kifid can offer you an alternative: in a relatively short period of time (litigation often takes years and possibly a lot of money), in consultation with the financial service provider involved, an attempt is made to find a solution or a judgement is passed on the matter.